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Hort Agro Solution Agencies have the technical capacity and experience in production and marketing. We sensitize and help the farmers to run “Farming as a business (FAAB)” in order to realize maximum returns of their investments.


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Data collection & broad based surveys.


Promoting market linkages for agricultural produce

Farm Management / Entrepreneurship / Business strategic plans.


Smart Farming.

& Value Addition.

We aim at providing timely signals or information to the farmers to guide them in their plans to produce.

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Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project

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 Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project Nyeri county (KCSAP) is a Government of Kenya initiative Supported by the World Bank. The Project Development Objective is to increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change risks in the targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities in Kenya.

The Project activities will contribute to this objective by Up-scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices and supporting smallholder farmers to adopt integrated climate-smart Technology, Innovation and Management Practices (TIMPs) and also support investments through a community-driven development approach in smallholder agro-pastoral production systems and in pastoral extensive production systems in the Project area Irish Potatoes Value Chain.

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