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Hort Agro Solution Agencies

Local Professionals in the agricultural and business related field registered Hort Agro Solution Agencies in the year 2010. The objective being to participate actively in ensuring that farmers realize full benefits from their farm produce through value chain approach thus not being locked out of the market because of stringent market requirements and regulations. The earnings would translate into tangible development tools for community and private sector growth and development to increase agricultural productivity and improve citizen’s livelihoods through improved performance of the agricultural technology supply and demand system.
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Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)

HASA focuses on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and is aimed at positioning the agriculture sector as a key driver for delivering the 10 per cent annual economic growth envisaged under the economic pillar of the Vision 2030. The high growth rate will be achieved by raising rural incomes and livelihoods through development of an innovative and commercially oriented modern agricultural sector.

In order to strengthen Enterprises Skills and Marketing Linkages, agency advocates a focus on key product value chains approach. Focus will be on aspects of production, processing and marketing.

To realize this target and at the same time ensure participation and commitment by the beneficiaries, we approach our interventions from investment leverage at farm level where the client is expected to invest some money in anticipation of good returns months thereafter.



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